Your silk or satin scarf from ASATSI is an investment piece, it is a fabric that should be brought with a long term relationship in mind, therefore taking care of it correctly is extremely important. How you wash, wear and store your piece will expand it's longevity.


Get a silk detergent from store and prepare a solution by pouring then in clean water (below 30 Celsius). Soak your scarf at least for 10-15 minutes and stir it with your hand. For serious stain massage it gently, do not rub or handle your scarf as you would normal washing. Resin it gently in water to washout detergent.

Dry: Roll the scarf in clean and soft towel and press delicately for drying do NOT wring out water as this will damage the fibres of the fabric. Hang it on hanger and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Iron: Be careful and make sure keep temperature at silk setting and always put another piece of fabric between scarf and iron as this is a extremely gentle fabric you are dealing with

The best advice of care if you are unsure, would be to take your scarf to the dry cleaners.


Always store your silk or satin scarf in a space or container that is clean and dry, it is important to keep it away from any storage areas that are damp.

Silk is a natural, luxury fabric and like all things natural they must be treated with care and respect to ensure longevity. Probably, the best way to view silk is as if it were your skin, and looking after it in the gentle way you would for yourself.

This may seem a strange analogy, however silk is made naturally by silk worms, and offers much protection to the skin in a gentle way. Silk Scarves can protect the skin from the weather as well as allergy caused by reaction to synthetics and more. The weaving process builds strength into the silk, which unless respected will cause damage. However, if you follow the guidance above your silk scarf will serve you well for many years.



Please remove jewellery when

  • Exercising of any sorts
  • Bathing or swimming, to prevent contact with chlorine, sea salt, chemicals of bathing products, and sun tan lotions.
  • Sleeping, have a small bowl next to you bed to keep your pieces in safely.
  • Applying  perfume, lotion, oil, make-up, hair products, etc.
  • When cooking and cleaning, and especially when using harsh chemicals.
  • Gardening, painting, doing crafts/pottery etc.
  • Avoid any extreme temperatures, this can affect the stones and even the metal.

Everyone has a slightly different skin pH which will affect the rate your jewellery tarnishes, if you have acidic skin it can cause the jewellery to tarnish quite rapidly, gentle regular cleaning with a mild jewellery cleaner and frequent wear will help prevent this.


Caring for your ASATSI accessory pieces is like anything else, if you care for them, then they will last you a long time.

Avoid wearing your pieces near or in water as most water-based activities includes water and can contain chemicals in it.  This applies to showering, the beach and pool etc as well as sweat while exercising.  Salt water and water contains chlorine and they will corrode the metal which will leave it looking less than perfect.


Most brass products will over time slightly tarnish, resulting in a deepening and darkening in colour.  Our accessories are protected with a thin layer of wax which will not last forever, loosing some shine.

We suggest using a Sunshine Polishing Cloth which removes any tarnish and leaves it shining afterward, it is gentle to jewelery, and the cloth should last a long time.


Semi precious stones, gently clean and shine with a soft cloth


Gently clean with a soft cloth, avoid any soaps, chemicals, perfumes and lotions 


When you are not wearing your jewellery, you must always store them in a clean and dry place.