Three Tier Statement Earrings

R 1,390.00

If it's the joy you seek, you shall find it with these glamorous statement earrings. These are incredibly stunning pieces of jewelry, featuring three contrasting gemstones. There's nothing better than a splash of color to liven up a simple outfit. Simply match your bag or shoes to one of the color tones in these gold earrings, and you'll look sleek and put together.

If you need a motivational push, the orange carnelian stone will help you get there. In the middle of the earring, there's a purple amethyst. This is thought of as a protective stone to keep you out of harm's way. The final gem dangling at the bottom is green onyx. This stone is said to drain away anxiety and promote peace and purity. These sparkling gems work together in harmony to motivate, protect, and calm you.

With the African spirit in mind, we have designed these gorgeous drop earrings. Taking inspiration from nature, the lush landscapes, coral sunsets, and violet flower blooms. There's no need to go all the way to Africa, or a jewelry store, as you can purchase these right here online.